If it’s funny, you’ll remember it.   A bright and humorous take is a memorable and successful means of imparting a message  - whether it’s ‘why this channel is great to watch’ or ‘no - our product isn’t boring at all’.  Humour brings accessibility, and our award-winning humour will make your message accessible to the world.

So we make the audience laugh.  Whether it’s in comedy programming and presentation sequences - such as those we created for Bravo starring Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller, or our own creation Vernon Thornycroft - or in on-air trailers and idents using some of the most outrageous scripts and voiceovers you’ve ever heard.  Our promo work has won Promax and BMPE awards in Los Angeles and London - including a gold and a silver for the ITC product reel starring Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis - written, directed and produced by Chris Wood at W3KTS.  

In corporates, too.  What better way for the Highways Agency to remind older drivers that they might not be as aware as they used to be than by using comedy?  Our work is both a hoot and extremely effective - we even had a go at stopping a whole town smoking by using someone who looks uncannily like Ricky Gervais.

But then, that’s the sort of thing you’d expect from the people who came up with the Weather Forecast for the Horror Channel...